Friday, 4 December 2015


Opinions are NOT allowed under RTI Act'2005.
You can NOT ask for opinions under the RTI Act but there is a way out there to get opinions even from the Hon'ble Court.

Respected Hon'ble Atur Chatur Sir is the one man army against the corrupt judiciary. His fight towards judicial activism resulting & emanating out of judicial accountability, responsibility & transparency is the result of his hard patience. He in himself is a success story. While reading one of the articles by Atur Chatur I found out the formula defined by him to get even the opinions from the Courts.

Please note that under the RTI Act'2005 one can NOT ask for the opinions but Hon'ble Atur Chatur Sir has devised the below strategy to get opinions from Court using RTI ON COURT as follows:-

Whenever you ask opinion and the reasons: you simply ask them that, Kindly supply me the the opinion and the reason that is drawn under sections 173, 204, 207, 211, 212, 213, 238, 239 and 240 of CrPC

Now, this type of RTI on Court does two works viz.,
(a) The Magistrate is now duty bound to order the corrupt police officers to present all those evidences based on which your prosecution becomes legal. Now, police will start running here & there to fill those lacunaes before applying for your bail cancellation.
(b) And if Court does NOT give proper reply then file NOT just FA & SA but also go to Consumer Forum.

CAUTION:- These are highly technically concepts which needs to be practised either by the help of legal expert of your choice or Hon'ble Atur Chatur Sir can also be contacted to seek his opinion or to get RTI/FA/SA drafted by him to get important information from the court.

Similarly, Mr. Atur Chatur is an expert in filing RTI, Appeals with even the courts & even filed complaint against Delhi High Court &/ ors from a matter related to court record tampering arising out of the present matter of DV & HENCE his experience his non-rebuttable.

NOTE:- In matrimonial disputes there are huge chances of arrest & in order to protect yourself from arbitrary arrest one needs to frame a series of RTI's & FA and be ready to go till the HC writ level at least to enjoy the fruits of success. Hon'ble Atur Chatur Si can be contacted at his email id for further guidance at:-